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Contains massive amounts of weight gain. If that's not your thing, feel free to ignore this. Don't bother commenting because I'll just delete it and forget about it.

Magicians being a small and secretive population, it took hundreds of years of study and practice just to learn and verify the most basic facts.

1) Magic exists everywhere, as a field that overlaps the physical realm, stronger in some places but still present anywhere on Earth.
2) Only certain people can channel magic into the physical realm, though any material thing could become a repository of it.
3) A condition that determines a person's potential ability is their size.

This third fact, while never explained in a way satisfactory to all (or even most) of wizarding kind, was confirmed more and more as the small covens and orders of witches and wizards discovered each other and, when not driven to violent rivalries, compared notes. In time the pattern of "fatter equals more powerful" became obvious and accepted, and it became standard for magic families to stand out for their girth, though their true talents remained hidden. Even those who displayed little to no talent, or a lack of aptitude in their studies, or simply had no ambition to learn magic were products of their genetics.

Bethany Catalini was one such example. Almost malnourished by magician standards, her 350 pounds still made her stand out in the mundane world she had become a part of when she left home at 18. A fact she was reminded of several times each day, most recently her being required to purchase two seats on her flight back to her hometown.

But as big as she was among the relative stick figures of the mundane, Bethany reflected as she left the security checkpoint and saw her sister waiting for her, Victoria still put her to shame.

Victoria Catalini was the younger sister by two years, but from the start she had far outpaced the firstborn in magical talent. (She had, in fact, surpassed many witches and wizards in the business for decades longer than the 21 year old.) This went hand in hand with Victoria also outdoing Bethany at mealtime, year after year, until today she tipped the scales at a little over 500 pounds, the prime repository of all that fat a bulbous belly that went beyond her arms' ability to meet.

Having lived among the mundane for the past few years, Bethany's first reaction upon seeing her sister at holidays or reunions (always noticeably wider and rounder) was to pity her for her 'condition.' Then she'd remind herself that Victoria reveled in it. She reveled in her magical ability, in the acclaim it brought her in the wizarding world, and she reveled in gorging herself and in the physical growth her continued gluttony caused. Growing up the two had been as close as sisters could be, and Bethany knew that Victoria loved being big and loved growing bigger. And her pity turned to sisterly pride, for every X added to Victoria's clothing meant more success for her baby sister.

After all, she told herself as the two supersized women imitated a hug as best their bodies allowed them, that's where her talent lies.

But what Bethany, and everyone else, did not know was that Victoria's meteoric ascent to full-fledged witch was not due to a surplus of innate talent, but was rather the result of an ounce of talent and several pounds of raw ambition and a hunger for power and prestige. Victoria wasn't the kind to seek power for the chance to wield it over others, but she had an irresistible hunger for it all the same. If she discovered a new spell or incantation, she just had to master it, and had to do it better than anyone else could.

Some might say she was simply egotistical, but egotists tend to think they're already the best and most perfect by virtue of being themselves. For Victoria 'best' was something to be earned, and she would not accept anything less.

Which, by itself, would not have led to the events that unfolded during this unfortunate reunion. But the seeds were there, and when a catalyst (to mix a metaphor) presented itself things ended up happening in the only logical manner.

The drive back to their family home was mostly silent, Bethany attributing it to the somber reason behind her return home. The reason being the girls' mother had recently died, and Bethany had come home to help bury her (their father had died several years before, shot by a drug addict in a botched stick-up). Other than obligatory questions about her flight and life back in New York, Victoria just stared at the road. They got home, Bethany took her luggage to her old room, and Victoria retired to the basement/library where their mother and now she did most of their work and research.

The two didn't see each again until dinner, when Victoria prepared a little ham, mashed potatoes and corn. To an outsider it would seem unusual that she made such small amounts for each and placed them on such large serving platters, but after setting the table Victoria waved her hand over the food and watched as it began reproducing. Within seconds each serving platter was near to overflowing, the effect of  a multiplication spell that all magicians learned (it was originally developed for gold, but when you have a populace of big eaters it didn't take long for it to be applied to food).

Like the ride home, the dinner passed mostly in silence. Again, Bethany tried to explain it away - Victoria was focused on her meal, just as she always was - and tried to ignore the frost settling over the room.

This broke when Bethany went for a third serving of mashed potatoes (normally she tried to watch her eating habits, but back home she fell into old habits) and found only half a spoonful left.

"Uh, Vicky? Could you…?" she waved at the platter.

Victoria looked up from her plate, eyes moving between her sister and the platter of potatoes.


"Could you make some more potatoes?"

"It's a simple spell, Beth. You should know it." In her voice was an unmistakable hint of aggravation, and Bethany was taken aback.

"Well, I don't." she replied defensively. "You know that. I haven't practiced in years."

"Exactly," Victoria said, her irritation now more naked.

"Is there something you wanna say?" Bethany asked, getting angry herself. "Want to just get it off your chest?"

"OK." Victoria put her fork and knife down leveled a piercing stare across the table, "You did nothing to help Mom."

"What?" Bethany asked, sounding confused but, deep down, knowing what she meant.

"It took almost a year for Mom to die, and you didn't even try to help. You came home at Thanksgiving and Christmas and you just tried to ignore what was happening to her. You wouldn't even look at her when she tried talking about the chemo."

"It was cancer! Even science hasn't cured it. What was I supposed to do?" Bethany interrupted her sister.

"Anything! I spent hours researching and hunting down old tomes and trying to find something to at least help the doctors, if not actually cure her. What did you do?"

"I'm not a magician! I don't have your talent."

"Whatever. Even if that's true, you don't need magic to read. A second pair of eyes would have helped so much, and you couldn't even do that."

Let's leave this conversation, as its descent into shouting and the dredging up of years old gripes plays no part in our story.

Hours later Bethany has gone to sleep, while Victoria sits in the basement/study going over a spell she has read almost a hundred times already. Only now she was memorizing it, practicing the hand movements and sounding out some of the more elaborate words, repeating them until she felt sure she had them down perfectly. The spell was complex, a necessity of how powerful it was, and also perhaps as a safeguard to prevent all but the most skilled practitioners from mastering it.

Which made sense to Victoria, since the stated purpose of the spell was to steal the magical abilities of other people. It wasn't hard to imagine the chaos that would consume the wizarding world if ability and strength could be stolen by anyone with a bit of talent and little scruples.

Victoria had found the spell months ago, buried among the countless scrolls and tomes the Catalini family had acquired over the centuries. The collection was so vast and disorderly that the girls' mother, a modestly talented witch, had devoted her life to trying to bring some order to the collection. Unsurprisingly, a lone woman trying to sort through a collection that included many fragile parchments and works from over a dozen dead languages saw little headway in forty years of work. When the cancer had progressed too far, when the chemo made her too weak to make the trip down into the basement, Victoria had stepped in and tried to take over, but she was soon distracted by the hopes of finding some all-purpose healing spell that worked fast enough and was strong enough to tackle something as virulent as cancer.

The spell she was studying now, the 'stealing spell' as she called it, had been found, translated, and then cast aside, having no value to her current troubles. And as Victoria's search had become more desperate and frantic it was forgotten completely.

Then her mother died. Victoria stopped her search, defeated.

The next day, trying to stave off an emotional breakdown by keeping herself busy, she was making a half-hearted attempt at straightening up the study. She found the spell again. Taking a second look at it, she was intrigued, but the sheer wrongness of stealing something as unique to a person as their magic ability put her off.

It was while she was looking over the spell that the phone rang. It was Bethany, telling her she had booked a flight and would be arriving tomorrow. And Victoria thought of a morally justified use of the spell.

No matter how much she wanted to deny it, Bethany had talent as a magician. She just never tried to use it, never wanted to work at it. Victoria could never understand this, and when her sister had moved away she thought it was a waste. Bethany could have been special, she could have been part of a world that only a select few knew about. And she turned her back on it.

But it wasn't until their mother died, after Victoria had tried so hard to find a way to help while Bethany was half a continent away, not even caring, that she actually became angry at her sister. Denying her heritage to herself was one thing, but not lifting a finger to help their mother? That was wrong, and it was during their fight a the dinner table tonight that Victoria became convinced she was within her rights to use this spell.

If Bethany wouldn't use her magic even in an extreme case, even to help somebody else, then she didn't deserve to have any.

It was well past midnight before Victoria felt satisfied that she could perform the spell adequately. Though she should have been tired by this point, the anticipation and anger fueling her decision kept her awake and alert. Seeing no reason to delay, she went upstairs and straight for Bethany's room.

The door was unlocked, no surprise, and Victoria walked right in and stood by her sister's bed. Bethany stirred, opening one bleary eye.

"Vickie-?" Even as she propped herself up on an arm Victoria was waving her own hand across her face, sending her into a magically-induced sleep. She then took the parchment and laid it on her sister's ample hip, the moonlight streaming from the window illuminating the words on it.

The spell was long and complex, and Victoria proceeded slow and steady. No reason to rush and make a mess of it.

The first sign the spell was worth a damn was the blue glow that emanated from Victoria's hands. After a few seconds stalks of the blue branched outward, waving in the air feebly. Then the second part of the spell came, as Victoria focused all of her attention not devoted to the spell on her sister. The blue stalks leapt toward her sleeping sister, touching down and spreading out until she was enveloped in the same blue glow. With the third part the glow around Victoria's hands spread to cover her own body; a connection between the two women was made.

Then came the tricky part. Maintaining the connection wasn't that difficult, but it was taxing. Part four, the transference of magic ability, needed to be done as quickly as possible before the connection was severed and… Victoria didn't know what would happen.

The question was moot at any rate, because it was not long before the spell came to full fruition. Victoria could feel the spell working, her capacity for magic and even her control over the spells she already knew growing slowly, but undeniably. As she neared the end of the spell she began speaking and signing faster, her control over the spell itself becoming just that much more. Shortly she was just repeating one phrase over and over, a placeholder to keep the spell going until the caster was satisfied they had taken enough.

But so focused on the feel of her awareness and ability growing was she that she didn't notice a second sign of the spell's success. On the bed the blanket covering Bethany's body was slowly descending, her sister's weight falling under 300 pounds, under 250, under 200, and finally stopping at a skinny yet not unhealthy 110 pounds.

And like Bethany's magical ability, those lost pounds made their way to Victoria. From 506 pounds to 550, to 600, 650, 700, and finally to just over 745 pounds the witch grew. Her belly pushed out and down further until it started spreading across the floor, pushing against the bed. In back the twin cheeks of her rear covered more and more of her thighs, which themselves were thickening and jutting out to the sides. Her breasts, already accustomed to being separated by her belly, grew more pendulous and fell further down alongside her monstrous gut. Her second chin grew and then a third appeared, and her upper arms swelled out until they started to bury her elbows. Her clothes, a simple sweatsuit she favored during long nights of study, rode on and under her belly before being stretched to the bursting point by her breasts and ass.

And, less apparent than Victoria suddenly gaining half her weight in the space of under a minute, she stood up taller by a couple inches.

It was not until she reached the end of the spell, an instinctual feeling telling her she had tapped her sister of all her magic, that she ended the incantation and saw the physical changes that had come over her and her sister. In shock she fell backwards, her now larger rear cushioning the impact so well that she didn't feel anything. The surprise wore off quickly, and was immediately replaced by… pleasure.

Victoria had always loved being fat, associating it with a myriad of feelings including family togetherness, contentment, wealth, power, and sexuality. And at seeing herself that much fatter, at feeling her belly and butt and hips spreading across the floor, she couldn't help but be ecstatic and more than a little turned on.

But as she began rubbing her hands over her belly, straining to reach her nipples, another feeling came upon her. Hunger. Her belly growled angrily shaking her out of her stupor before she could fall into it.

Passing a quick glance at Bethany, still sound asleep, to satisfy her concern that her sister was physically fine, Victoria heaved herself up and squeezed through the bedroom door, making a beeline for the kitchen and pulling out a few random cartons of Tupperware (when you can magically reproduce as much food as you want, even the biggest eaters end up with leftovers).

The next hour passed in the most furious bout of gluttony Victoria had ever enjoyed, her hunger so strong that at first she felt like she had been starving for a few days and this was her first real meal. She barely tasted anything she ate until the second half hour, conjuring more ham, more roast beef, more potatoes, more mac and cheese, more pie, more cake and all but cramming it into her mouth. When the hunger had gone down to a small buzz she slowed down, taking time to enjoy the food and rotate between the different dishes. She also took the opportunity to dispel her clothes, now in hopeless shreds, and just sat there in the kitchen stark naked. Even after the pangs of hunger were completely gone she kept eating, giving into her habit of stuffing herself at every meal.

Finally Victoria was beyond full and well and truly stuffed. She couldn't move at all, and instead just leaned back and relaxed.

Waiting for the pressure in her belly to subside, Victoria passed the time by calling upon her newly increased magic ability, testing it out with increasingly more difficult spells and finding them all too easy to wield. She could now use the most basic spells without even speaking, and even some advanced spells could be done with a wave of her fleshy hand.

And now two roads lay before Victoria. Down one road was her life as it was. Some changes were obvious, of course; Bethany was unlikely to react in a passive manner to Victoria's theft, and even if the younger sister got a chance to defend her actions a rift would be developed that would probably never close. Bethany would go back to her mundane life in New York while Victoria went back to her studies, attaining ever more prestige and acclaim with her new power but eventually reaching a plateau and living the rest of her life at the limit of her ability.

And down the other road Victoria could possibly have more. Sitting there in the kitchen, stroking her taut belly, she could feel the magic around her, that omnipresent field that most did not realize was there, that much clearer. She could even almost taste it. But what got her attention was that under her, down in the cavernous, almost warehouse-sized collection of magical artifacts and spell-books, there was real magic. It was faint when felt through the floor, but it was there, emanating from the vast collection like radio waves from a tower. All the spells and incantations used on or by each item, the power in each building up but still slowly leaking out like radiation.

If Victoria could steal the magic of a person, could she take it from an item?

If so, then the second road before Victoria was more power, more fat, more of everything she wanted. She became even more aroused by the thought of that, the pain in her belly dulling in comparison.

She had to test the theory, she told herself. If the stealing spell worked on inanimate objects, think of how much she- how much the wizarding world could learn. This wasn't science, but it was only proper to experiment, right?

So she told herself as she forced herself to her feet, her belly groaning as its packed cargo shifted around, and as she took each laborious step down to the basement. To have a chance to learn and to not take it was practically a sin. Especially when there was so much about magic they didn't know.

Reaching the study, a small room that opened into the larger warehouse/library, Victoria happily fell onto one of the benches and stopped to catch her breath. She just wasn't used to so much weight.

But at least she wouldn't have to get up again soon. In the center of the room were several tables piled high with books and scrolls and odd curios. Victoria twisted around, reached out and grabbed a small trinket. Bringing it in for a closer look, she had to laugh.

It was a fertility symbol, an exaggerated fat woman similar to the Venus of Willendorf.

The universe has a sense of humor, Victoria decided.

The figurine was old, millennia old, and the use of fertility symbols had passed out of human culture long ago, but there was still power in it. Enough to make casting the spell a second time worthwhile, she decided as she placed it on her belly in front of her.

She didn't have the scroll with her, but she had the spell memorized. And with her increased power it was even easier to go through it step by step. Blue glow on her hands, tendrils reaching out and enveloping the figure, power coming into her.

Not concentrating as hard this time, Victoria was aware of herself getting fatter. It wasn't a lot, only several pounds that were undetectable on her already massive body, but she felt it all the same, just as she felt her magical ability growing just a smidge more.

The figurine was drained almost as soon as Victoria reached the final step. She didn't have to repeat the placeholder part of the spell even once before the same instinctual voice as before told her she was done.

Tossing the figurine back onto the table, Victoria shifted around on the bench until she had a clear view of the warehouse. All those artifacts and scrolls, all that magic just sitting there, crying out.

She wanted it.

But first, she wanted more food. Her stomach was crying out again, just a little, but she could never deny it.

Except… she was still feeling really full from her last binge, and the thought of trying to walk up the stairs made her pause. Then a solution came to her. Casting her mind's eye up to the dining room, she saw the Tupperware containers sitting there. Settling on one filled with peach pie, she concentrated.

Levitation and summoning were both rather simple tasks, but when one didn't have the object in one's direct line of sight they became much more difficult to manage. But now, with her power almost bursting at the seams, it was child's play for Victoria to summon the Tupperware of pie down to her waiting hands.

She ate the equivalent of two and a half pies, scooping up large handfuls of the container's never diminishing offering, before she felt ready to go on.

Turning her attention back to the warehouse, she mentally scanned over everything until she found something that called out to her. Not all the items had an equal amount of magic in them, and Victoria was eager to grow fatter and more powerful as fast as she could. No more tiny figurines with ancient, vanishing magic.

She found the perfect item buried under a pyramid of books halfway back. Bringing it to her, she was confused to find it was an ordinary spear. An old one, but one unremarkable in any way. No runes, no precious gems inlaid in the handle, no gold coating the spearhead.

But it was radiating so much magic it practically glowed. Victoria licked her lips in anticipation, and then she got started.

Casting the spell a third time was even easier than the first two, and she raced to the part where she repeated the placeholder. Here, though, she met a delay. There was just too much magic woven into the spear. Minutes passed, and Victoria's chanting became mindless repetition. When her body started growing again she stopped paying attention to the spell entirely, and just sat back and enjoyed the sensation of her body growing even bigger.

Apparently the magic in the spear was even more potent than her sister's had been, because she grew much faster than she had before. Pounds appeared on her body in seconds, racing up to 800 pounds, 900, over 1000. Her belly pushed against the tables, moving them across the room and overturning them, scattering scrolls and books and trinkets everywhere. In back her rear pushed out further, falling closer to the ground. When the bench under her finally gave up the ghost (not an easy task; all the furniture in the house was built for the hyper-obese) all Victoria felt was a slight dip, and then she was being raised higher again. This was a combination of her legs and butt becoming thicker, as well as her body growing taller as well. Could she stand, she would at this point have come in at just over 7 feet tall.

But the night was young.

To Victoria's surprise, there came a point where she seemed to be growing bored with her expansion. Well, not bored, but restless. The sensation of all her new pounds and inches rubbing against each other, it was more and more euphoric. But did it have to be so slow?

The now-immobile witch turned her attention back to the spear, her words still droning out of her mouth, and concentrated. She tried to will the power in the artifact to come out faster. And amazingly, it did.

Victoria's body exploded in every direction. Her weight climbed in a blur, passing the one ton mark and not looking back. Her belly flowed over the upturned tables and slowly crushed them into debris as they crept to the far wall, while in back her rear reached the opposite wall and, with no other place to go, started climbing higher. Her head reached closer to the ceiling, as overall her body grew larger and took on giantess proportions.

It was right as the furthest tip of her belly was about to hit the wall opposite her that the spear, fully cached of magic, crumbled to dust. So intent on willing more magic into her, Victoria hadn't even realized she was reaching the end of its offering.

Snapped out of her trance, Victoria took stock of herself.

She was, no surprise enormous. Massive. Huge. Almost beyond the use of regular words and their ability to describe just how big she was, because they weren't words used on humans. Even if one tried to scale her weight to fit her new height, she still dwarfed even the housebound stars of TV talk show specials. This was obvious to her immediately, and just as immediately she saw an urgent problem: she couldn't move.

She feebly waved her hands, unable to lift her arms off of her hips, and tried kicking her feet, but buried underneath her stomach it was futile. For a brief moment she started to panic, realizing that she was about to grow incredibly hungry and here she was, stuck in the basement. Even if she could stand up (tricky, because by now she had realized she was so much taller; her head almost brushed against the ceiling) and walk (if she could get one redwood thigh around another) she would never get up the stairs and through the door.

But then she remembered that she was a witch. She wasn't bound by normal laws. She had magic at her command.

And what magic it was. At her size she was so sensitive that she could see, all around her, the power and knowledge accumulated by the Catalinis over the centuries. It was like Aurora Borealis that moved through her, stimulating her cells, filling her with energy.

There was the solution to her problem.

With absolute ease Victoria willed her body out of the basement and to the backyard of the house. Located miles from the nearest town (even in the 21st century magicians were still secretive), she had absolute privacy in addition to plenty of room to grow.

And just in time, for before the late night chill had time to raise goosebumps on her acres of exposed skin, her stomach was crying out for FOOD!

Not yet fully understanding just how powerful she was, Victoria's subconscious kicked in, and like freshly hatched turtles making for sea on nothing but instinct, her body took care of itself. Her hands began whirling through elaborate cantrips Victoria did not consciously understand, but she was too distracted by her hunger to try to stop herself.

It was just as well, for the effects were immediately apparent. In the distance a line of trees separated the house's open yard and a dense forest. Now, the nearest of the trees started bending toward Victoria, bending until the roots flew out of the ground and the massive tress were free to fly towards the young witch.

Before anything violent could happen, the trees each stopped and hovered over her. Then, one by one, each compacted to a manageable size and moved toward her mouth, which opened of its own volition and began scarfing down each one.

A small voice in the back of her mind cried out for her to stop, that eating trees wasn't normal or even possible. But when the voice paused to consider what was happening, it realized something. She wasn't tasting bark or leaves or wood. She wasn't sure what she was tasting, but it was delicious, and she had an easy time eating and swallowing it, and in time her hunger started to abate.

It took hours of this, dozens of trees being called to Victoria, who was too nervous to risk doing anything consciously lest she break the spell and end up stranded and unable to feed herself. By the time her hunger had become manageable, when her belly was bloating up- and outwards so large it blocked out almost all of her vision, she had the wherewithal to observe what her body was doing. Whether guided by natural instinct or magic itself, Victoria did not know, but the hand signs she was repeating were soon enough understood, and she felt confident enough to take over, incorporating the spells to summon and transform inedible objects into her already vast repertoire. And as before, she continued stuffing herself until she could not possibly eat anymore.

When she finally laid back (to the extent that a woman surrounded by thousands of pounds of belly and hip and rear fat pushing in from all sides could lie back) the early rays of morning light were on the horizon. Over the night Victoria had grown from 500 pounds on a 5'6" frame to over seven tons on a woman that would, at her full height, reach 14 feet.

What Victoria felt went beyond ecstasy. She could no longer move her arms, or much of her body at all, but conjuring a phantasm hand to reach under her many belly folds and to her womanhood was as simple as picking up a fork had been just 24 hours ago. Lying there in the open field, Victoria brought herself to orgasm after orgasm, losing count around 15 or 16.

"I made the right choice," she said to no one in particular. She had grown so huge, so powerful. No one could ever challenge her. Not in size, not in mastery of magic.

But why stop there? Victoria could sense all those other items of magical power back down in the basement. There was so much more she could take. It would be a shame to just leave it all there. A waste, really. An insult to all those who had devoted their lives to research and making discoveries and helping expand the knowledge of wizarding kind. Wasn't it her duty, her obligation to take advantage of all that hard work? Wouldn't it be disrespectful to stop?

In her mind's eye Victoria saw the warehouse/library, she saw every last little scroll and book and trinket, and then she called it out to the backyard. In a flash all the contents of the warehouse, the product of centuries of hunting and collecting, was spread out around her.

She started to summon one item, any item, to her, but then she stopped. She was so powerful now, why do it one at a time? Casting the stealing spell for a fourth time, Victoria imagined the blue glow from her hands spreading out and covering all the articles lying in the field.

It worked. And when it came time for the placeholder part of the spell, Victoria focused as hard as she ever had in her life, willing every last drop of magic into herself as fast as it could come.

She blew up. Figuratively, of course, not literally. From all sides she took up more and more ground, rising higher and higher on her fat, her body growing taller and taller. Soon she had reached the point that trying to take in all of her, even from a distance, was too much, and the best could be managed was comparing some part of her body to give an idea of her entire size. A butt check the size of a Volkswagon bus, a breast the size of an elephant, her belly larger than a baseball diamond.

Ton after ton of weight, foot after foot of height. It all came to her in, believe it or not, less than half an hour. Many of the items, having such little bits of magic, were drained and disintegrated within minutes, allowing Victoria to focus on the older and more powerful items. And faster than a person can get a pizza delivered, Victoria had almost tripled her size.

When the last item, a book of spells and lore the size of a five year old, had crumbled to dust Victoria immediately turned her attention back to the forest and began eating again. Tree after tree was called to her, and because she was three times as large now she went through them three times as fast. And she went through three times as many now. By the end, over two and a half acres of forestland were ripped up and picked clean.

Her hungers for magic and sustenance momentarily sated, Victoria went back to pleasuring herself via magic hand. When she had reached her fill of that, she started thinking past her immediate desires and wondered 'what now?'

Had her growth only brought with it an increase in ability or knowledge (she had actually learned all of the spells and lore from the texts she had just sucked dry) the story might have ended here. With no more magic in the immediate area, Victoria was effectively 'house'-bound, with a future of just feeding and pleasuring herself the rest of her days. Sooner or later another witch or wizard would visit out of concern over her disappearance, and the first time it happened would probably be the last; Victoria was now a slave to her desire, and she would not hesitate to steal all of the magic of whatever magician was unlucky enough to feel concern over the one-time wunderkind's well-being. And when the person, now a normal human, fled he or she would tell her story, warning the rest of the wizarding world of the giant beast stealing magic and growing ever fatter. Attempts to stop Victoria would all fail, for how can an ant challenge a giant? Any witch or wizard foolhardy enough to try to stop (or even kill) Victoria would simply lose their power. And she would grow larger, and more powerful.

No, Victoria would be shunned by her world; people avoiding her, parents making a her a warning for their children about the dangers of greed and selfishness.

But it wasn't just that Victoria grew fatter or taller or more powerful. She grew more aware. Magic was everywhere, some people could feel it, and Victoria could sense it. Down into her cells she knew where magic was, everywhere on the globe. She could feel the ley lines and see the sites of ancient rituals carried out by civilizations long dead. She knew where magic congregated, and where the people who could wield it were.

All of them. Every last magician on Earth. Victoria knew where they were.

So our story did not end here, because by now Victoria's size was in no way an inconvenience to her. Not when she could teleport to any place on Earth. Not when she could summon items from miles away toward her. Not when she could turn inorganic material into food for herself.

Victoria had already entered a spiral of stealing magic and becoming fatter, then gorging herself on whatever solid material was on hand, and then finding more magic to steal. She simply had to expand her attention from her own home to the world at large.

Which she did.

The pattern was not deliberate, but it emerged all the same. From her house the nearest blip of magic concentration was the nearest city. Quite a few magicians lived there, which meant a lot of possessions in their houses, in addition to the weaker bits of magic that build up wherever humans congregate, pray, love, live, and die. All told the city had less magic in it than the Catalini collection, and when Victoria appeared in a park in the middle of the city it only took her a few minutes to weave her spell, cast the net over the entire city and suck up all the magic. Then she started ripping up chunks of buildings and pavement and ate her fill before leaving for the next city.

The early morning crowd, the commuters and joggers and night-owls that had decided to greet the morning sun, could barely get past their disbelief before Victoria was already gone. No cameras got pictures worth a damn, no video was taken of her except for images too close up to register as anything. The only sign something had happened was the damage done to the buildings and streets next to where she had touched down. But by the time any news-cameras or eyewitnesses had begun to spread the word of Victoria's visit, she had already come and gone in another city 75 miles east, and then a third 120 miles east of that.

It wasn't until she had moved across half the continent and landed in Philadelphia that the country (not yet the world) at large had started to realize what was happening. Each time she hit a new city she sucked up the magic more or less faster than the time before, but growing even larger each time meant she had to eat more and more than the last.

When she hit New York City, Bethany's new home, she was over 150 feet tall with a body that, proportionally, looked to be several tons. It was much bigger, of course, but why bother with numbers at this point?

It took her almost an hour to suck up every last drop of magic in the Big Apple, in large part because she kept casting the sphere of the spell's influence wider and wider to accommodate the surrounding neighborhoods. By the time she finished entire buildings were crumbling to the ground, not counting those being crushed by her ever larger belly. It was plenty of time for an orderly evacuation of the city, and almost enough for the disorderly evacuation that took place. Entire neighborhoods were emptied in the face of this enormous woman that was going to devour them all, only a few brave news reporters staying behind to get footage of the giant woman behind the morning's series of attacks on cities across the country.

The story became the only news in the world, by now reaching every country with electricity and the bare minimum of media infrastructure. Hundreds of millions of people watched in horror as this woman began eating the Brooklyn Bridge, then Brooklyn, then… she vanished.

While the rest of the world was scared, confused, and demanding answers, Victoria had come to a prime repository of magic: Stonehenge. Jumping across the Atlantic instead of moving down the eastern seaboard for the other major cities wasn't the easiest choice, but by now Victoria was huge, so powerful that it was taking more and more magic to make the spell worthwhile. And those cities… their magic was filling, but it was also dirty and a bit stale.

But here? Victoria could taste the earthy goodness of the magic in this place, and she wasted no time making it hers.

It wasn't until hours later, after she had taken all the magic and had even gone so far as to eat Stonehenge itself (by now Victoria viewed all magic everywhere as hers to claim, and she didn't want to share it with anyone, not even the artifacts) and much of the surrounding countryside, that the world learned of where she was again. By then Victoria, long past oblivious to the rest of the world, had begun pleasuring herself again. Too stunned by all that was happening, no Standards and Practices lawyer in the world stepped in to stop the broadcast.

After coming down from her last orgasm, Victoria spread her awareness over the world again, trying to find her next meal.

But something got in the way. Some other source of magic, something she hadn't noticed before, was outshining all the cities and sacred sites in the world.

Looking up at the night's sky, Victoria realized what it was.

The moon. Symbol of femininity, water, the oceans, and any number of other things. Omnipresent in human history and culture, mother of countless cults and religions over the millennia. How many prayers had been directed to it, how many spells called upon in its name?

How much magic had it received and stored? Victoria was about to find out.

Past the point of being able to move her hands, let alone her arms, she didn't bother trying to hold her hands up to the sky as if entreating the moon. Instead she simply thought Come down here.

Now the moon is hundreds of thousands of miles away from the Earth, so it took a while for it to actually "come down here." Too long for Victoria's taste, and she decided to meet it halfway.

To the rest of the world watching at home (or in bars, churches, wherever), it looked like it was over. All they saw was that the ravenous, rampaging giant was rising off the ground and then flying into the sky. She was gone. They were saved. All over the world cheers went up, drinks were poured, enemies buried the hatchet in the face of this last-minute salvation. For a brief, shining moment there was peace on Earth.

And then someone looked up at the sky. The moon was bigger tonight. A lot bigger. And was it… Oh god! Was it breaking up? It was! The moon was shattering into countless pieces. And what was that? That pinkish dot. It's getting bigger. Oh no… oh no. It's that woman. She's eating the moon! And she's getting bigger! She's bigger than the moon now!

In truth Victoria was only slightly bigger than the moon, not enough for it to be noticeable if she had been where the moon used to be, but being so much closer to Earth now it was understandable why people would make that mistake.

Hanging there in space, Victoria turned around and considered the Earth.

Ask a layperson what outer space was and they would tell you it was emptiness. Ask a scientist and they would tell you about dark matter, the thing that makes up an overwhelming majority of the universe. And maybe they'd also mention the gamma rays, X-rays, cosmic rays and other radiation teeming in the 'nothingness.'

Ask Victoria and she would tell you it was an ocean of magic, not as strong as the moon's or what she felt coming from the sun, but it was radiating off the Earth in all directions. Maybe it was all the magic, both conscious and unconscious, that had been sent towards 'the night,' a rather arbitrary designation tied to when the sun had vanished over the horizon, but those thoughts aimed at 'the night' had to go somewhere real. And here, in outer space, Victoria saw where it had gone. Just as radio and television waves had been flying out into the cosmos for decades, magic had been flying out for millennia. Maybe even longer if, as some magicians had theorized, animals had their own magic. Uncontrollable and perhaps not even known, but magic nonetheless.

It didn't matter. It was all Victoria's now. She ate it.

By now Victoria's power was so great that she didn't even have to move her hands (which were too fat to move now anyway) or say anything to perform spells. She simply had to think and the magic would be done. And her awareness, her consciousness, was now greater than when she had been a mere 500 pounds.

This signaled an escalation of Victoria's growth, although it didn't start yet. What happened first was that Victoria cast the stealing spell, creating the same blue glow around her entire body, rather than just her hands, and used the greater area to draw in even more magic even faster. To her back and sides there was outer space and all the subtle magic there, which she pulled in without even thinking about it. But in front of her, filling her field of vision, was Earth. All of Earth.

Victoria's 'rampage' had lasted several hours, and she had only sampled a fraction of the magic found on Earth. No longer content to jump around from place to place and hit each one individually, she now cast her focus on the entire planet, drawing all the magic to her in one continuous stream.

It took days, and in the immediate hours a lot was happening on Earth. Society collapsed and chaos grew and spread. The loss of the moon had immediate effects on the tides, and the sudden rash of certain fat people losing their excess blubber caught some attention, but the only thing that really mattered to people was that giant woman growing constantly bigger in the sky.

For the first couple hours that's all that happened. Victoria stole more magic and she grew bigger and bigger. But then she started to realize she was getting hungry, and she didn't want to stop her growth in power to eat something. That's when she hit upon an idea, the idea that caused the escalation.

Even as she cast the stealing spell and kept it running, Victoria shifted some attention to the Earth below her, and she started summoning vast chunks of it up to her waiting maw. She was now able to take in magic and food at the same time.

And slave to her hunger and lust for power, Victoria wasn't going to let something like the end of humanity get in her way.

Days later the Earth was gone, Victoria forcing herself to swallow the last slurp of molten core before admitting to herself she was stuffed. Several more days passed as Victoria floated there in space, savoring the feeling of her indescribable ability and body. Eventually she got hungry again, and on a whim she tried to eat some of the dark matter around her.

To her pleasant surprise it worked, and it was tasty.

Victoria now embarked on a brief tenure as a black hole, sucking in everything around her while pulling in all the last bits of magic floating about. It didn't last long, just a week, and soon Victoria was hungry for something substantial again.

The sun caught her eye, but closer to her she could feel Venus. It was no trick to teleport the vast distance from the former site of Earth to its sister planet, and when she popped in closer she was surprised to find some magic inside it. Perhaps old pagan entreaties to the goddess Venus had reached the planet, or maybe physical bodies attract wayward magic naturally. Either way, it was mealtime for Victoria.

After Venus came Mercury, a mere nibble to Victoria now, and then the sun. Symbol of masculinity, brother to the moon in ancient cultures. It fell to Victoria's twin hungers just as everything else had, it just took a lot longer. But time no longer had meaning to Victoria, just finding her next meal and any wayward bits of magic.

Within months the solar system was gone. The sun, every planet, every moon, every asteroid and even Pluto. After the dwarf planet fell and all the remaining magic in the area was gone Victoria spent two full days eating dark matter before she realized she was full.

Weeks passed as Victoria got her first real sleep since her transformation started. When she awoke she was famished. Tired of dark matter she focused on the first star she saw and teleported there. It was over eight million light years away, and she was there in an instant, ready to break her fast.


Seven billion light years from the Milky Way there is a galaxy, and in that galaxy there is a star system, and in that star system there is a planet smack dab in the middle of the Goldilocks zone. Not too far away so that it freezes, not too close so that it burns. And on this planet the chemicals needed to create replicators were present, and then organic life was born and flourished.

But what makes this planet so interesting is that, against all odds and mathematical probability, it never fell victim to an extinction-level event. No asteroid striking it, no mass eruption of volcanoes to create an ice age, no shift in the planet's gravitational field. Life began, grew, and diversified continuously for millions of years until an intelligent, tool-making species arose. They grew smarter, they spread, and they took over the planet just as humans did Earth. And then they spread to other worlds, across the entire galaxy, long before the Earth had even formed.

And these beings could wield magic. It was common for them, more common than it was among humans. Across billions of worlds in this galaxy there was magic building up over the eons as more practitioners arose, as more artifacts were infused with magic. And even though billions of years passed, these beings never went extinct. They were too spread out and too advanced. They would, in all possibility, endure until the end of the universe.

Which they almost did.

All that magic? In time it was like a giant beacon for Victoria.

She didn't notice it right away, of course. It was too far away to register at first, but as she continued on her unending binge, consuming entire solar systems and working her way up to galaxies, it was inevitable she would find them.

By the time she did she had grown far larger than after she had eaten the solar system. An entire galaxy was still more than one meal for her, but she could now eat entire star systems in a single gulp, and drain a galaxy of magic in mere days. She actually displaced several stars and dozens of planets by her sudden appearance, and while it would have been interesting to see if any of them were thrust away fast enough to break free of her gravitational pull, they were all too quickly eaten.

Victoria arrived so suddenly and moved with such relentless, single-minded speed that she had eaten half the galaxy by the time any formal reaction to her presence could happen. In other words, three hours had passed. The people of the other half of the galaxy reacted as best they could, but unfortunately this meant casting at a lot of spells at her. This amounted to little more than saying "Here, have some butter with your mashed potatoes."

In another two hours the galaxy was gone, an ancient race wiped out completely. And Victoria, ever bigger, ever hungrier, moved on.

Over the years everything fell to Victoria's hunger, but time no longer had meaning for her. Galaxy after galaxy, the stars, planets and even black holes became part of her endless meal. Eventually everything was consumed except for dark matter, so Victoria turned her attention to that. She was no longer absorbing any magic, she had gotten all of it, but this didn't mean much to her. She was content with the power she had, now for all purposes best classified as 'god-like,' but she was always hungry.

Grown so large that the only possible comparison point was the universe itself (she was a wee 1/100th of the universe when she consumed the last bit of non-dark matter) Victoria sucked up all the dark matter and last bits of radiation. The universe itself shrank rapidly, pulled in by the force of Victoria's maw, until the inevitable happened. Victoria finished her meal.

No more dark matter. No more bits of radiation. And certainly no physical objects to eat. All around Victoria was the edge of existence. In front of her she could only see darkness.

Feeling full enough, the former-witch/now-goddess took the opportunity to nap. She woke up some indeterminate amount of time later to her grumbling stomach, but there was no food. Time passed and she grew hungrier, and hungrier. And still there was nothing for her.

Eventually she became so hungry and impatient that she lashed out with her magic, unsure what would happen but desperate for something to. What happened was that the universe broke, and Victoria found herself outside of existence.

But not alone. All around her she could see, could feel, other universes. They all overlapped each other, like thousands of transparencies in one neat stack, yet somehow Victoria could make out each one. One called out to her. It was rich in magic, almost oozing with it. She focused on that one, drawing it to her.

Yes. This would do.

Drawing all the magic, all the matter out of it, Victoria ate. She ate this entire universe, growing larger. And when she was full she stopped, digested, and then she found another one.

And she kept eating, forever and ever, as one of the Great Fat Ones.
A few days ago :iconsirkaril: came up with the idea of the Obeseonomicon, based on some recent stories by :iconsaxxon:, who's cosmic-WG stories I love. The idea for this story came to be pretty quickly, though it took a few days before I had time to sit down and write it. I ended up writing almost all of it yesterday, though I had notes beforehand. Then I slept on it and proofread/revised it a bit today, and now I'm posting it.

Am I the first one to submit a story to this idea? I hope I'm not the last.

I'm including a mature content warning because the heroine pleasures herself a couple times, though I don't go into explicit detail.
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